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About us:

The Madison County Health Department was established by the vote of the people in 1949 under Missouri Statute Chapter 205.

The department is supported through a real estate and personal property tax at a ceiling of 10 cents per one hundred dollars that was passed by the vote of the people in 1949.

The Board of Trustees and staff, would like to thank the citizens of Madison County for passing the tax question. We look forward to placing your funding back into your family's health. As we plan for the additional funding we will receive in January 2019, we welcome your suggestions and thoughts as our Board of Trustees guides us through addressing our building capacity needs and the implementation of effective Chronic Disease Prevention programs.


The department is governed by elected persons of a 5 member Board of Trustees. The trustees are elected for 4 year terms.


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*Photo courtesy of Democrat News & Victoria Kemper

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