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Madison County Health Department: Food Inspections

New Establishment Information- This information is required by the Madison County Health Department. You have the option to e-mail them directly to the Health Inspector, or bring them to your site visit.

Plan Review Application Form

St. Francois County Health Inspectors cover Madison County at this time, call them at 573-431-1947.

At this time, Madison County contracts with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services to provide sanitation inspections for all food service programs in our county. Madison County is governed by the 1999 Missouri Food Code.

It can be accessed at this link. .

Madison County uses the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Public Health Priority Assessment to determine the frequency or how often an establishment is inspected.

  • High Priority Establishments = Once a year

  • Medium Priority Establishments = Every 18 Months

  • Low Priority Establishments = Once every 2 years

Inspections are made up Critical and Non-Critical violations. Critical Violations relate directly to factors that lead to food borne illness. These items must receive immediate attention and must be corrected at the time of inspection or as directed by the Inspector, but cannot be longer than 72 hours. Non-Critical Violations relate to maintenance of food operations and cleanliness. These items must be corrected as noted by the Inspector or depending on the violation be corrected by the next regular inspection. The Routine Inspection and any of the follow-up inspections are referred to the “inspection cycle” for that year. Our goal is to lower the number of inspections in an inspection cycle and educate employers, and staff on the ways to lower or eliminate the risk of food borne illness in their establishment.

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