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Madison County Health

Department Staff

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Becky Hunt-Administrator


573-783-2747 Ext. 417

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Teresa Rehkop-RN, Assistant Administrator,
Show-Me Healthy Women

573-783-2747 Ext. 415
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Becky McFarland-Assistant Administrator
573-783-2747 Ext. 418

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Tissy Ramsey-Receptionist, Medicaid Billing, Accounting, Show-Me Healthy Women

573-783-2747 Ext. 102

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Jenny Sikes-Special Health Care Needs For Children Service Care Coordinator

573-783-2747 Ext. 403


Alica White-Adult Brain Injury Service Coordinator Region K, WIC Certifier, Commercial/Medicare Billing, Webmaster/Social Media
573-783-2747 Ext. 402


Amy Koester-RN, Immunizations Coordinator
573-783-2747 Ext. 307 


Jackie Berry-RN, WIC CPA, Immunizations, Prenatal Case Management

573-783-2747 Ext. 420


Environmental Specialist
Please Contact St. Francois County Health Department



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-Maternal & Child Health Programs, Show-Me Healthy Women, WISEWOMAN, CCHC

573-783-2747 Ext. 

Contact by Email
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Abigail Meza-Weekley - RD, LD,
WIC Nutritionist, Nutrition & Breastfeeding Coordinator, Chronic Disease Management Program

573-783-2747 Ext. 312 


Jes Francis-WIC Coordinator, WIC Certifier, TOP,  Receptionist

573-783-2747 Ext. 310

Contact by Email

Kora Jud-Nichols-WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselor

573-783-2747 ext. 302


Wendy Smith-Community Health Worker

573-783-2747 Ext. 409


Michael Brown-Voluntary Institutional Controls Plan Coordinator-VICP, Emergency Planner

573-783-2747 ext. 313

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Martha Senter-RN, Opioid Crisis Task Force Leader, Chronic Disease Management Program

573-783-2747 ext. 203

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