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Madison County Health Department:

On-Site Sewage Services

The purpose of the On-Site Sewage Program in Missouri is to minimize the threat to the health and safety of Missouri’s citizens and visitors due to improper treatment and dispersal of on-site wastewater. Domestic wastewater must be properly managed to avoid public health problems. Three types of wastewater handling systems can be used in Missouri communities; onsite and cluster (decentralized) systems, and centralized systems.

Authority: Authority to regulate on-site wastewater treatment systems comes from the Revised Statutes of Missouri 701.025 to 701.059 RSMo, and the Code of State Regulations 19 CSR 20-3.060 , 3.070, and 3.080. Together these can be found in the Onsite Sewage Manual


Jurisdictions may have their own ordinance, contract with the state, or be directly regulated by the Missouri Department of Health and - -Senior Services. Regulation under local ordinance can be more stringent. Type of on-site authority by county is shown on a Missouri map available at:

Installations of on- site sewage systems in Madison County, Missouri are governed directly through the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. 
Permits are required before construction for the following:

  • Single family residences with less than 3 acres

  • Any business

  • Acreage that has more than 1 house on 10 acres of land in the aggragate. (The second house would have to be a permitted system). (See 701.031- for exact wording of the Law).

Contact Information for On-Site Sewage Department To obtain an application for installation please contact:

  • Program Manager: James Gaughan, P.E. 573-751-6090

  • Asst. Program Manager: Percy Johnson 573-751-6090


On-Site Sewage Complaints for Madison County are handled through the Madison County Health Department. Fill out the Complaint Form and e-mail it to the health inspector, or call or come into the office to make a complaint. Complaints can be taken Anonymously, but keep in mind that if it goes to court, your name will most likely be released. Also- the Health Inspector cannot get back with you without your contact information.

Complaint Form.pdf

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